Woman Made $500 Dollars In 1 Hour


In this short article I’ll be mentioning a woman who made $500 dollars in one hour.

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This lady that made $500 in one hour of the morning on the 22/01/2019.

Money, money, money don’t we just love a success story.

The same can happen for you too.

You just need to know how and then apply it.


The Woman That Made $500 Dollars In One Hour

There’s nothing too special about this lady, except that she’s beautiful, just like all women are.

What did she do to make $500 in one hour?

And on top of that, she only used her mobile phone to make it happen.

I can tell you what she did and said about her Tuesday morning, money fortune.

So Let’s Hear It                                          

Firstly how did The Online Journalist come to know of this good news?

I’m associated with the Telegram group that she’s in.

Hence that’s how I know.

We are members of The Universal Trade House Telegram group and YouTube channel.               

Dr. Raphael Spiller’s group of Forex traders and network marketers.

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All She Did Was…

  1. She joined a Forex Trading Education Company Called iMarketsLive
  2. She was teachable and coach-able.
  3. She learnt and continues to learn how to trade in Forex.
  4. She received the trade signal and applied what she’d learnt.
  5. She grew her broker account large enough to be able to handle larger volumes of currency trades.
  6. She applied her lot size.
  7. She placed the GBP vs JPY currency for a sell in the Forex marketplace.
  8. Traded and waited an hour.
  9. And hey presto!
  10. $500 up.

And she mentioned to the group that she was lying in bed at the time watching t.v. 

What a way to live, not the watching t.v in bed, but the freedom she has.

Well-done to her.

If someone could give you this knowledge would you use it?

The keys to a better financial life, a better life of time freedom and location freedom.

As we can read from this lady’s good fortune that day, she had total location freedom, financial freedom for the day and time freedom for the day.

Some people don’t even see $500 in a week, let alone a day.

And it wasn’t even a day, it was approximately 1 hour of a day, that’s it and she had the rest of the week ahead of her.


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Human Nature

Sometimes, we just need that extra push in the right direction.

And to have those associates that will help us to grow personally and financially as a person.

It makes a massive difference to our well-being.

How many people are financially stressed, over worked and underpaid?

We are a reflection of the closest 5 people we hang out with, if they’re broke or on the edge of broke, then we  probably are too.    

Get with the right people, get with the right company that’s growing and achieving success in helping people to make money online.


The Online Journalist


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