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The Internet world is a world full of multiple opportunities, a magnitude of digital information. It has become a magnet for freedom seekers who want to live life on their terms and their schedule, all doing this from the comfort of their homes or whilst travelling.

When opportunity knocks on your front door, will you answer it?

Don’t miss your opportunity for financial freedom.

Time waits for no man or woman.


Make Extra Money Online – Learn Forex Trading

To make extra money online Forex trading can potentially become a life changer and an extremely valuable skill to acquire. You would be able to make a career for yourself out of this Forex education that is like no other career out there.

Get to the top
Get to the top

Everybody could learn Forex trading but very few will. There is a scent in the air amongst the general public, when Forex is mentioned as an avenue to achieve larger than life sums of money.

It’s profits not wages, that make no sense to the overworked and underpaid individuals. It’s almost a scary subject to bring up at any social gathering. 

Why is that?

There are many reasons as to why, but generally it seems that people are deterred from it due to their limited and vague understanding and perception of the subject.


These individual’s mindsets understand and have the belief system that you work very hard for your money…technically meaning for them, that you should only labour for your earnings in a job and that earning profits are not the right way to live.

And not forgetting the comfort zone that comes with the belief of just work for a week, doing whatever your told to do and when the weekend comes you’ll have money.


We say there’s nothing wrong with hard work or having a job and receiving a weekly wage, but we say that having this belief installed in a person limits them, it limits what could be achieved for their betterment.

Not only the ability but the life of that person will be constructed according to the work schedule of their j.o.b.

We here at The Online Journalist want financial freedom to be made clear, so that it can obtained and uplift people out of the 9 to 5 lifestyle or financial hardships a person maybe experiencing.


Have you ever asked yourself, why are working hours so long, I mean why are they designed around 40 to 60 hours and even more of your physical time commitment, we are selling our time for money which is limited to 24 hours.


  • The rich, the wealthy, the broke and the poor all have 24 hours a day.
  • The wealthy value their time, the broke trade their time for limited amounts of money.
  • If the job you do, doesn’t pay you at all…would you spend you time doing it?
  • No of-course not but because there is a general consensus that we all need a job first to make money, we get jobs.
  • Wouldn’t you like to get educated to be financially free?


We go to school, college and university to gain knowledge to do what with that knowledge? The answer most of the time is to get a well paying job, or a on the other hand to be able to have the knowledge to create our own businesses.

A mindset conditioning from an early young age, when we saw our parents doing the 9 to 5.

So it’s mentally accepted by us that, that’s what we have to do to get money. Big error or very large misconception.


So if we learn to trade Forex we are utilising our time exceptionally well, because the skill is a skill that will aid and help us to earn incredible percentages of profit.


It’s easy to stay on what some might call the safe and secure side, which equals just working for a company all your life and getting a mortgage and pension at the end so that you can live comfortably at the end of your working career…but it’s a very transparent and fragile belief as we are seeing today that humans are being replaced by better workers, who don’t need water, food or the need for days off due to sickness or family commitments, workers that don’t need toilet and lunch breaks, workers that don’t even speak…yet.


Yes the digital age of replacement is here and moving at an astonishing rate.

Jobs are being replaced or dropped to save on costs, so who suffers from that?


The worker who thought and believed that they had job security for life. Terrible misconception and terrible judgement.

The individuals aren’t to blame, they’ve just stayed too long in their comfort zones, to never open their minds to a new way to earn money. 


So with that said let us introduce to you a Forex educational company that doesn’t just create training and sell that on, they are actually live real humans trading and making thousands and millions of dollars trading in Forex for over 20 years. So know that you’re in good hands with them. 


This company can take you from baby steps to adult steps within 8 to 12 months of following and completing their course, which is outstanding and ongoing and being updated with new materials as time goes by.

Think like a student, a student for life, a student that has control, full control over their money getting success.

With that said let us give you a brief description of this company.


First You Learn Then You Earn

  • Open to approx 120 different countries worldwide in different languages and increasing as time goes by.
  • Imagine this, you have a friend who really knows how to make money online from his or her mobile phone.
  • Now you being you, you ask him or her what is it that you do and how do you do it?
  • Can you show me how to do it?


  • And as if he or she is going to say: No…no way…we’re just friends and that’s it buddy. There’s no way on earth that’ll ever show you how to make money online.
  • He or she wouldn’t be our friend for a split-second more, after that.
  • What are friends for?
  • If he or she can’t find the warmth of heart to share their success methods with you.
  • You’d be crazy to keep that person as a friend.


IML Is That Friend That WILL Share Their Success Methods With You.

Not just share but educate you on it, guide you through the whole process, from start to finish and even more when new ways become available.


A Friend That Will Educate, Empower & Enrich You.

IML – Stands for International Markets Live

This friend of yours has a vision of educating and empowering one million customers (students, that’s you and I) by the year 2020.


So Who Are They? 

They are sophisticated and knowledgeable Forex traders and educators. And one of the largest online Foreign Exchange & Cryptocurrency educational platforms out there on the internet.

Are they the best?

Well the student’s results speak for themselves.


Your Friend iMarketsLive Is On A Mission

And no it’s not a Tom Cruise type of “Impossible Mission”.

It’s a kind of James Bond “Diamonds are Forever” type of mission.

That mission is a life changing mission a mission not to be missed.

Their mission is to revolutionise the Financial education industry with their platform for learning how to trade in Forex & Cryptocurrency.

And being that awesome vehicle that will enrich people with financial freedom, dignity, self-respect and to help change peoples lives for the better future to come.


Your Friend iMarketsLive’s Vision

iML - Vision

Its really big and growing by the day as we speak.


iMarketsLive’s vision is to educate & empower one million students by the digital year 2020.

They even have a referral program network for network marketers, marketing their educational platform. Their compensation plan is also seeing many successes, with net-workers achieving thousands of pounds each month passively in commissions for word of mouth advertising.

Something we may write about in the near future or if you’d like to know more information about it, post a comment in the comment section of this website.


What’s The Education That iML Will Provide You With?

iMarketsLive Education

iMarketsLive Education
Join iMarketsLive
iMarketsLive Education
iML - TV

iMarketsLive And So Much More



Watch an iMarketsLive webinar presentation here

After watching this presentation should you decide that you want to sign up to iMarketsLive then you have made a great decision and we’d like to know so leave a message in the post section of this website.

This is a members only sign up which means you can only sign up through a registered member, I am a registered member at iMarketsLive so the link to sign up will redirect you to my affiliate link page at iMarketsLive. They advertise by using Network Marketing. If you’d also like to become an IBO which means an Independent Business Owner you can do so through registering using my members affiliate link. I will be able to connect with you also if you have any inquires.

So the benefits of joining would be you are learning a skill of trading in Forex and you could start to earn passive income as a Network Marketer, marketing iMarketsLive education.

You Can Sign Up Here To iMarketsLive  And Take Control Back Of Your Financial Life. Learn To Trade Forex.

The Online Journalist.


Time freedom, location freedom and financial freedom are awaiting you.


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