Ways To Make Money Online

Don't leave it too late to start making money online

The Internet world is a world full of multiple opportunities, a magnitude of digital information. It has become a magnet for freedom seekers who want to live life on their terms and their schedule, all doing this from the comfort of their homes or whilst travelling.

The Internet has the power of an earthquake to turn any persons income the right-side up.



This a brief guide for ways to make money online.

Firstly we must say that there are so many paths to go down

When the employee type mindset hears of ways to make money online, they seem to instantly and subconsciously link to two

so let us explain before we begin.

Working online is not a job, unless your employed by a company to work from online. Work from home online is business, just like any business we see in the offline world.

So it requires from us a different approach, a different mental approach, instead of thinking only on ways to make money online we need to realize that we are actually looking for ways to create a business online which turn will generate income for us

You see when we realise this and enter into the search for this it becomes our thought process ” how can I start a business online” not so much as what are the ways to make money online because this identify to us subconsciously that we need money now or want to be paid quickly as appose to working for free until our business online are established.

So Do A Mindset Check

Do a mindset check of your own thoughts to why you are looking for ways to make money online it not a job remember you don’t get paid as so as you start in some cases, you’ll have to build and be patient, depending on what route you take.

Entrepreneur Mindset vs Employee Mindset.

  • Entrepreneurs build systems that help people and in return get paid according to the numbers they’ve helped. In whatever field online and offline.
  • Employees give service of their limited time and are only paid according to the value they can bring to their employer.
  • Entrepreneurs wait patiently to receive the money.
  • Employees want to know what day, and time will they be paid for the work they did.
  • You see the difference of thoughts and this is very brief.

So Here Is A List of Ways To Make Money Online

There’s a lot more out there but you as a beginner can start here. We’ll let you know where to go.

We won’t go into too much detail, we’ll let you find out for yourself.

So we’ll put the direct links to these or where you can find out more.

Create eBooks – About any subject you’d like and place those for sale on KDP – Kindle Direct Publishing (Amazon owned). The benefits – Once you’ve created an eBook Amazon does the rest and this equals passive income for you when it sells, so you do the work once and move on to the next creation of an eBook.

Visit https://kdp.amazon.com

Don’t know how to create them? Watch this video. Its simple. A YouTube Video.

Affiliate Marketing – Learn in a community of like-minded individuals. See how easy it is to have a website up and running. Then follow the tutorials on how to make it profitable. Remember you are becoming a business owner now. Learn how to make money online as an Affiliate Marketer. A Free starter membership available.

Visit – https://WealthyAffiliate.com

Affiliate Marketing – Learn how to make money online as an Affiliate Marketer. Again similar to the above website.

Visit – https://Affiloroma.com

Forex Investment Trading – Learn the skill of Forex trading. Tutorial videos, mentor ship, webinars and opportunity to earn passive income of $2000 and more via Network Marketing for them. They’ll teach a person how to successfully trade in Forex with risk management.

Visit – https://iMarketsLive.com

Drop Shipping -. A wholesale drop shipping directory.

For people that prefer direct buy and sell.

You can find deals with these guys and where to find wholesalers, for selling on Amazon or eBay or Craigslist etc.

Visit – https://Salehoo.com

User Testing – Get paid for testing websites user experience by being that user and giving recorded feedback to the platform. Pays via Pay Pal. English language needed. Test on laptop, iPhone, tablet, android. You’ll need just a headset and P. C and WiFi connection. Its Free to join.

Visit – https://Usertesting.com

The list doesn’t contain many, we know this, but its about quality and not quantity.

And all those present above will give you a quality service.

The Online Journalist.

Time freedom, location freedom and financial freedom await you.

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