To Call Or Not To Call – SAMSUNG GALAXY S10 PLUS

“To be or not to be”, as uttered by Prince Hamlet in William Shakespeare’s play Hamlet.

“To call or not to call”, as uttered by The Online Journalist, in The Online

Well Samsung are firing up their Smart Phone juices with this spectacular Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus Smart Phone soon to be on the market at a whopping £1099.00. But you could save yourself a neat £200.

You’ll need a parachute for this Smart Android phone – if it some how slips out of your hand for some strange unknown reason or somebody accidentally bumps into you and it drop into the atmosphere of gravity.

It will soon be called: Samsung Ga-laxative Sorry 10 plus.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus Release Date

The Android is set to hit planet earth on the 8th of March 2019.

What else do we know?

Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus

A super alien Android design elegant enough to be called a well crafted portion of glass.

Samsung’s high-tech Smart Phone innovation of this Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus is undoubtedly the the flagship device for the Samsung company.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus Specs

The Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus boasts of a super slick design with an exceptionally impressive astronomical 6.1″ AMOLED display.

Wondering what that means?

OK let’s take a deep breath.

  1. What does AMOLED mean for you. It’s an active ingredient in a complex matrix organic light-ejecting diode. It acts as a super terrestrial layer of semiconducting film placed behind the OLED panel. Giving it super-natural response speeds to each activated pixel of the display. Which aids it for incredible increased speeds of mind-blowing quality and high definition pixels.
  2. Samsung’s Galaxy S10 Plus’s features are out of this world.
  3. A 6.1 inches crystal ball quality display screen.
  4. Its designed with three back cameras and one front camera allowing for your images to be from another planet in quality. The front camera resolution gives you a 10 mega pixel experience. Whilst the back three to the rear of the Smart Phone give you a 12 mega pixel image clarity experience.
  5. The security of this Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus uses a higher intelligence. Its designed with an in dis-play finger print scanner to ensure your personal security is security, at its finest.
  6. And to add to that  extra security it gives you face recognition technology security, a must in this day and age.
  7. How outstanding is this design of an Android Smart phone, it allows for a ghost busting power-share charge, so you can share your phone’s power with a similar device such as the Galaxy Smart watch or help to re-charge a friends phone.
  8. How about this: Its designed to be a sim free smart phone, just utterly amazing.
  9. A gigantic 512GB or settle for the 128GB of memory. Phone memory will never be the same after this phone.
  10. Three colours to choose from: Prism Black. Prism White. Prism Green.



Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus – Price

For you to have the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus with 512GB the cost at present: £1099.00

For you to have the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus with 128GB the cost at present: £899.00 – Save £200

Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus Review

Our Samsung Galaxy S10 review is limited at the present until its release but we hope this helps in some way or another.

  • A truly amazing Smart Phone soon to hit the markets.
  • Be one of the first to have this gem of a phone.


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So hurry whilst you can and get yours ordered.






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