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The Internet a world of fascination, a world of opportunities, a world with a bird’s eye view on our planet.

A bird’s eye view is an extremely elevated view point. We use this concept as humans which originated from the study of birds to create blue prints and maps or floor plans for property.

You can now use this view to analyse your website through SEO stats analysis software or platforms.

Showing you the bigger picture.

Get A Bird’s Eye View For Your Site           

Do you have a website that’s fairly new?

Or an existing website that you’d love to get control of how many people are visiting and where they are coming from?

Then this website maybe just what your looking for, for SEO Traffic Analytics.


See Who’s Visiting Your Site

You’ll have an insight as to who’s visiting your site in real time.

Watch as real visitors enter your site and navigate through it. Get to know where they visit on your site and much more.

Need Traffic Analysis?

When you have a website live on the internet, you’ll soon feel the need to know how it’s performing on the web.

So this will help you determine how much traffic your website is pulling in.

It also helps with how to improve your website, with the benefit of SEO stats site analysis you can modify your site to optimisation of incredible results.

Just by knowing who, where, when and how visitors find your website.

The Features & Benefits

  1. Having an SEO stats site analysis tool at your disposal can work wonders and give you peace of mind.
  2. Web-stats has an array of features and benefits some of what we’ll mention here.
  3. Configure your SEO stats analysis and see your account interface just how you like it.
  4. You can exclude your own visits to your site so as not to interfere wit the SEO stats analysis.
  5. You can track conversion rates for your website or blog.
  6. You maybe on the move and have a busy schedule for a particular day. No problem you can get  your SEO stats analysis via email.
  7. You can view in real time live visitors to your website.
  8. An exceptionally simple, easy, crisp and clean interface to use that makes it a necessary tool to have.
  9. You can store all your favourite SEO stats analysis reports for future reference.
  10. You can view your daily traffic to your site. By day, by month, by per day of the week or even per hour of the day.
  11. You can see how visitors, visit your site and see referring sites and trends over a period of time.
  12. See how people navigate your site and how your site is used by visitors.
  13. You can view page views, click paths, and conversion rates and much more.
  14. You can see how your visitors are looking at your site and which browsers, operating systems and the types of displays, screen sizes being used.
  15. Such as mobile phone, tablet, P.C or computer.

Do you want to know where your visitors are coming from?

Then you can.

  1. You can view where visitors are based and where they are coming to your site from.
  2. See a geographical location of your visitors on an individual basis or a world map view.
  3. You’ll see the countries, regions and cities of your visitors to your website on a live map display.

Site Connectivity

  1. See if your site is functioning and is live on the net. You can check your site availability 24/7.
  2. Plus you can get alerts and detailed reports should you desire to.
  3. You have a contact and support section on hand, should you need to speak to someone.
  4. You can give feedback to the company for future improvements or any suggestions you might have.
  5. You can export your SEO stats analysis into an Excel file.


Overall a really needed tool to have and an excellent service from the provider.


Would You Like To Get It Now?

Sign Up For A Free  Account Here Or Go Premium From Just $9.50 A Month.

It’s well worth the investment to keep a bird’s eye view on your SEO stats analysis.

Time freedom, location freedom and financial freedom awaits you.




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