How To Make Money Online From Home

The Internet world is a world full of multiple opportunities, a magnitude of digital information. It has become a magnet for freedom seekers who want to live life on their terms and their schedule, all doing this from the comfort of their homes or whilst travelling.

The Internet has the power of an earthquake to turn any persons income the right-side up.

Ways to Make Money Online

The Internet is overflowing constantly with ways to make money online and it’s not as difficult as some people would suggest. To make a decent living using the power of the world wide web is 100% achievable, but you will need to turn off some emotions and enhance some others to succeed and be successful when learning how to make money online from home.


  • Don’t be the sheep without the shepherd, to lead you on your way.
  • Don’t be the fisherman without the rod, because you won’t catch any fish that way.
  • Don’t be the beauty queen without the crowd because there will be nobody there to see you crowned. – The Online Journalist


Before we proceed with ways to make money online and how to make money online from home, be sure to know that there is active and passive income generating sources online. Some requiring more time spent on them than others to be able to make an income that replaces a job income.


So as we mentioned earlier that you will need to turn off some emotions and enhance some others in order to balance this change of work ethic which is in our opinion 20% skill and 80% mindset.


You see some people would like to participate in the ways to make money online, but they fail immediately or they fail once they get started and never regain consciousness.




Well simply because their usual daily habitual mindset programming was not set or ready for the change in direction that they took by wanting a way to make money online.

It requires some mental change, depending on the avenue you choose.


Be it buying and selling or creating a blog and placing in your blog adverts that pay you commissions. At the end of the day there really is only two easy general ways to make money online and that’s it.


What are they?


The answer is…you’re either selling some product or you’re selling a service which is in reality the product, but its called a service for confusions sake.


Just look at the Internet, those that are there to earn money have only two options, sell a product or sell a service to make money online.


Some people go round in circles trying to figure it out, but it’s such a simple thought process. People are being paid money by other people to find out how they should earn money online…all you’ve got to do is ask yourself. 

Am I going to sell a product?

Or am I going to sell a service? 

Once that’s clear you’ll know which direction to follow.


For example lets take a look at a Rolex watch. The manufacturers of Rolex watches, create them, which is a service of a product. The stockists retail them and sell them as a product for those that desire them and can afford to purchase them.


So the answer to how to make money online from home is to sell a product or sell a service. So know which avenue you’d prefer to take. It really is that simple, it’s only when you get information overload that a person gets confused on the topic of how to make money online from home.


Just stay focused.


Lets take a look at another example a little closer to home. You are an employee for someone.

Are you the product or the service?

The answer is the service.



Simply because you are selling your service to a company that pays you and this company is either selling a product or selling a service, this is on a global level.


Have you heard people say – we hate salesmen or saleswomen?

For whatever reason.


But in essence every single individual is selling something. Time, labour, someone else’s product or service.

So we’re all salesmen and saleswomen…correct?


It Requires Desire

How to make money online from home requires from you the desire, whatever that maybe. Whether it’s to get out of your current job or provide more for your children and family.


It’s the desire that carries you through the rough periods when you don’t see the results immediately or you have failures after failures. Your desire combined with your why you are doing this and your goals that you want to reach, act as iron supports for you.


It Requires Discipline

Discipline is a key emotion, so if yours is on the weak side of discipline you’ll definitely need to enhance it. Every high performer or achiever has a high discipline ratio compared to people who quit easily.


A way to increase your awareness and enhance this discipline emotion, can be achieved by repetition of listening and watching motivational speakers.


Have a look in our audio & video section collection and find someone that you enjoy listening to and can gain valuable insights from.

It Requires a Changed Mindset

Why a changed mindset?

When we have being working in employment for most of our lives, our minds are accustomed and conditioned to the employee mindset of when do I get paid.


Desiring instant gratification…willing to wait only a week or four weeks to receive a payment from our service of labour. We understand the reason behind this as to be that we all have commitments to pay. Making money online activities takes some time to mature.


But this mental thinking does not help you when you’re making the transitional movement from working for an employer to working online for your own benefit and the benefit of loved ones or dependants.


Time is not on our side, we can spend money and gain it back, but time, no. Once it’s spent, that’s it, it’s gone forever. So we suggest that you manage your time well whilst trying to achieve your way of making money online.


Our advice would be to solely concentrate on creating passive income online first, especially if you are still in employment. It is income that keeps returning to you once you’ve completed the necessary building blocks to accomplish it.


Focus on Passive Income.

Focusing on creating passive income online is how making money online from home can be achieved, real wealth can be attained this way. Calculate your total outgoings for each and every month of the year.


When you have the figure write it down as your first income goal to achieve whilst starting to work online.


So for example you have calculated that your total outgoings would be $2000 a month, then add $500 to that total.


Giving you a total of $2500. Now when you achieve $2000 in passive income online, you will be financially free from needing to work for an employer, because all your monetary needs are being met each month without you having to be present at the stirring wheel.


Giving you time freedom and financial freedom. Now all you need to do is increase you building of passive wealth and before you know it you will have a blessed achievement of time freedom, location freedom and financial freedom.


Our advice to the easiest route would be to build yourself a website and learn how affiliate marketing works, where you would earn commissions on sales generated from you website or blog.


It’s a learning curve, yes but a good one and one that is flexible as regards to the time. Once you have a website up and running, it’s like having a shop that requires no staff and fully runs on autopilot.


The training is critical for this process, so we recommend that you learn from people that are doing what they are teaching. We have a passion for this website that teaches people how to create a website and build it to earn them passive income.


This company comes highly recommend to join for this purpose of learning how to create passive income wealth online and working from home or from where ever you are in the world.


Try them for a free trial period or sign up  as premium member there’s a huge amount of benefit going premium and joining them. So take a look and decide for yourself.

View our review of this company here 

The Online Journalist.

Time freedom, location freedom & financial freedom are awaiting  you.

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2 thoughts on “How To Make Money Online From Home

  1. I love the way you emphasize the mindset for success instead of the skill or luck. If we are motivated enough to keep trying, we can all develop whatever skills we need to become successful. I believe your advice and encouragement for creating a $2,000 per month income through affiliate marketing is attainable… with the right mindset.

    I enjoyed your article and I”m looking forward to next time.

    May You Live 100 Years in Peace & Prosperity
    Coach Austin

    1. Thank you very much Coach Austin.
      Its been a rough journey but I’ll get there.
      I so appreciate your feedback.
      Stay Blessed.

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