How To Avoid Information Overload Online

Are you beginning your journey in search of how to work online and hoping to earn money online or searching for that diamond in the sand. It can all be as frustrating as trying to ride an angry horse.

New beginners, newbie’s all need to know and understand some serious facts. Because learning how to earn money online for a beginner can be such a mind crushing and disappointing experience in the start.



How To Avoid Information Overload

When we see the internet and enter the Internet, that’s exactly what we are doing. Imagine a fly landing on a spiders web and seeing all the avenues available for it to tip toe across, sooner or later that fly will be a stuck fly. And who will come dancing along to claim to help, spider and it’s dinner time, for the spider!

Similar is it with surfers of the net looking for opportunities on the net, we go this way that way until we get stuck.

And that’s the information overload that has ruined so many would be online entrepreneurs, only a few stick around after information overload, it gets too cramped to even think about. The spiders are those waiting and lurking for the would be new online entrepreneur whose fresh to working online. So they get them caught up in their web of information and promises of success overnight.

We have a saying here at The Online Journalist which goes like this:

S – uccess

C– omes

A– fter

M idnight

So many people stay away from trying to better their financial lives online after getting scammed online. I’ve been there myself.

It’s not the embarrassment that hurt me, it was my own naivety to get sucked into a company without at least checking their credibility.

It’s happened more than once so I really know how it feels.

But it’s lessons learned the hard way.

There is never any Success Comes After Midnight…if you’ve been promised it does, then its most likely a scam.

Just waiting for you to land on it to eat up your efforts and money.

So be aware.

Decide To Stick To A few

Not a few webs but a few celebs, well internet celebs to learn from that you feel comfortable listening to or taking knowledge from. You do need to be mindful of whom you take your online knowledge from and if your the type that jumps from one opportunity to the next, looking for that special break that will set you up for life, then you’re usually do get that break, but in the form of breaking your laptop into pieces out of frustration.

It happened to an ex-friend of mine he went from business opportunity to business opportunity.

Telling me this is the one you can make XYZ amount of money you only need ABC etc.

He had a real bad case of information overload, he joined Wealthy only to do nothing at all, you see he was looking for something that he could make money with, but his mind was way to over crammed with online opportunities that when he saw the work load in front of him that he’d need to accomplish by his own doing he jumped to the next best thing, listening to You-Tubers can help but can also murder any attempts to start something for yourself.

The problem laid within his mindset and him listening to whomever is pulling in a crowd.

He’s listened to some good people don’t get me wrong but to only gather knowledge upon knowledge of ‘ knowledge of ‘. So you could say he’s got a lot of knowledge (of) and not enough do knowledge because he did try many things, he tried them for a few days to hours or even a week and then moved on in search of something that would be like an ATM machine that only he would have the code for and he could just pump out money on a random. It never happen.

Where is he today?

Well he’s not in my phone book that’s for sure but I do know this from the last time I spoke to him, he’s given up looking for ways to make money online and has returned to the work-force, working for an employment agency. It’s kind of sad because I know that he had the potential but his mind was saturated with ideas he’d gotten from searching the net and listening to so called guru’s online.

Another one bites the dust I suppose.

Don’t let that be you.

Not Here But There

The not here but there mentality shows that focus was not on the menu.

Similar to those kinds of people that get married and find a minor fault with their spouse and then decide to move on to another one only to find a fault with the next one, they kind of keep going on through life like this until they either wake up and smell the cookies or they go mentally insane.

Information overload is a whispering assassin that keeps replaying in our subconscious minds, that there has to be something over there that is better.

So we miss the bigger picture completely and waste so much time and effort only to end up in a mental car park where the vehicle has broken down and cannot be repaired.

Beware of information overload you just cannot get anywhere with it, when its in circulation of your mind.

Everybody has got something to say

But is that what you want to feed your mind with?

He says this she says that and so on.

Online entrepreneurs have different methods and strategies of doing things so you could easily get confused when listening or reading information from numerous sources, stick to just a few, 3 if possible until you’ve got enough skill and knowledge to move on to some one of a higher calibre.

Free Your Mind

I cannot stress this as much as I’d like to here, but free you mind from this habit.


By taking time out, to erase your subscriptions from YouTube or from your phone, it only distracts you. Or turn off notifications they only serve to distract you when a different  subject is talked about and you haven’t got to where you’d like to be yet.

If your laptop or PC is full of downloaded free materials from here and there, on how to make money online don’t look at them they can serve you more benefit in the future, just get a new fresh laptop or computer and concentrate on just the basics, without all these eBooks and PDF’s etc.

It’ll only silently call you to take a look at them, forget about them use that laptop as your scrap note book.

 A Brief Guide For Beginners To Avoid Info Overload

The Do’s & Don’ts

  1. Don’t download anything and everything you read. ie (PDF’s) Some contain viruses and aren’t good for your mental or your laptop.
  2. Don’t be a sponge for all sorts of make money online information. Protect your mind.
  3. Don’t flicker from one opportunity to the other, with the intention of what can I do to make money online, once you’ve found a great service.
  4. Don’t watch too many people on YouTube giving advice, there’s many crocodiles out there that play nice.
  5. Don’t listen to everyone’s reviews, there’s people that are paid to give bad or good reviews about scam products.
  6. Don’t not know the person or company you intend to buy into, they could be anonymous entities looking for a quick revenue boost from the unknowing.
  7. Don’t use your personal gmail or email address at first sight. Hackers love you. Create one that you could easily discard if needed to.
  8. Don’t click on websites with poor security unless they are confirmed as trustworthy. There’s a lot of fishermen out there. The sites that have no https:// or just say the name of the site or just WWW, not in all cases but be vigilant. You’re looking for a secure connection with a padlock lock imagine up top left-hand side corner.
  9. Don’t and this is an obvious one, don’t give out your personal details to someone claiming to be a rep of some company through your email or gmail. They may have obtained it falsely.
  10. Don’t assume that you are on the official website for a company, there are some serious copy cat websites out there. They look just like the real website you wanted to enter, so be cautious.
  11. Don’t spend you last piece of money hoping that you’ll earn it back overnight on some earn rapid profits call to action. It takes time and effort to succeed online.
  12. Don’t be the fly on the wall, listening to everything, take action. With action comes results.
  13. Don’t give up easily if you don’t see results for awhile, the law of nature has its own way of growth.
  14. Don’t surround yourself with negative thinking people, they’ll hold you back from your goals or success online.
  15. Don’t think with your emotions, think with your intellect. There’s a lot of actors out there and really good ones too.
  16. Don’t always use your personal bank account to purchase something online, use a prepaid card or a different card solely for online purchases.
  17. Don’t call your mother bad names when things seem to go wrong, its really disrespectful. I’m not sure where that fits in but hey you get the message.
  18. Don’t smash your only laptop when it crashes out of search burnout, just get it fixed or buy another and have that one as a reminder.
  19. Don’t think everything is a scam online. Because its not true there’s some amazing services and products that have been created to take advantage of. So if someone says so and so is a scam, find out for your self. Some people just want to persuade you to buy into what their promoting.
  20. Don’t eat chocolate late at night it can give you some serious heart burn. I had to get that one in.
  21. Don’t drink and surf the net, you’ll swerve all over the place.
  22. Don’t not trust your gut feelings, 9 out of 10 you’ll be right.

Now the Do’s

  1. Do be open minded to being coach-able.
  2. Do spend some time writing out your desired goal or goals for working online line. This helps you when you feel like quitting.
  3. Do get to know the in’s and out’s before making that move or commitment to work online.
  4. Do get yourself a good computer or laptop with an up-to date O.S as a slow laptop or computer is so frustrating.
  5. Do make a space in your home specifically for working online. As a distracted environment adds to the distraction, of-course.
  6. Do make yourself a Pay Pal account if you haven’t got one already, most companies accept Pay Pal online transactions and its safer.
  7. Do remember that success online doesn’t come after midnight. It take effort and perseverance and skill and education. Education you can get at Wealthy
  8. Do cut off negative habits and time wasting people. Every second counts towards your learning curve and future success of working and earning money online.
  9. Do get yourself a decent headset for communication or listening purposes. It helps to drown out any distractions you might hear from the outside. Plus you’ll take the information in better when wearing a headset to listen to video tutorials.
  10. Do always have a journal, a pad and pen near by to write down those sudden ideas you might have. So as to remember them or reminisce on them.
  11. Do make sure that you’re sitting comfortably when working online. A bad sitting posture adds to the stress and its not good for you.
  12. Do take a break every 2 hours or so, like a 15 min break get some fresh air and come back to your project that you were working on. It does wonders, so that you don’t get burnout quickly. All depending on your time situation.
  13. Do make sure you don’t ignore family, as it can be very addictive and you won’t want to leave your laptop to communicate with them. So judge the timings according to you own situation.
  14. Do get yourself internet security for your laptop or computer. So many bugs out there.
  15. Do become a member of a company that can teach you how to succeed. Going at it alone is very lonely, be part of a network or community of like minded people. I can’t stress how this helps so much and makes every little difference to going forward online.
  16. Do get yourself a mentor that can help you stay on track. If none are available pick a good person to learn from on YouTube and stick with them if they have knowledge on various aspects of working online.
  17. Do what you have an interest in, or are passionate about. It helps in the beginning to stay motivated to write content or the such.
  18. Do keep company with like minded people. It can re-enforce your drive to stay on top of things. Join online forums or networks for learning how to make money online. And you’ll enhance your understanding of it.
  19. Do use social media, but only as a tool for exposure of yourself or your product or website. Limit the amount of time you spend on social media sites. It can waste some serious time that could be spent else where.
  20. Do use pictures of yourself where possible. People like to know who their communicating with. Animation pictures don’t show who you are and people would prefer to buy from someone they feel that they know.
  21. Do believe in your self and talk positively to yourself. Sometimes we can be our own worst enemy by talking ourselves out of a good deal or opportunity for growth online.
  22. Do remember that everyone online started as a beginner. Don’t get dishearten by your failures, they are a sign that you are improving as you go along this path to financial freedom via working online.
  23. Do share something with people you know and don’t know. Sharing is caring.
  24. Do control your emotions. Sceptical thinking is so damaging for new starters.
  25. Do avoid sceptic people at all costs. You don’t need to tell all your family and friends that you’ve started to work online in the beginning. They can easily put you off trying. Jealously is a disease of the hearts emotions. So try not to be in a rush to tell everyone and anyone.

We hope this helps in some way or another.

The Online Journalist.

Time freedom, location freedom and financial freedom awaits you.

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2 thoughts on “How To Avoid Information Overload Online

  1. Man… thank god I found your website. I recognize myself in most of the things described in this page. I do tend to be overwhelmed by all the informations available on the internet. I am almost a little bit naive concerning the fact that I really want to succeed online and sometimes I get carried away.
    I actually got scammed once and I am still paying the consequences today…
    I saved this article and decided to re read it every day in order to stay in a good state of mind and reach my goals.

    Again, thank you for the useful informations !

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