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Join up and learn how to make money online

Join up and learn how to make money online

The Internet world is a world full of multiple opportunities, a magnitude of digital information. It has become a magnet for freedom seekers who want to live life on their terms and their schedule, all doing this from the comfort of their homes or whilst travelling.

The Internet has the power of an earthquake to turn any persons income the right-side up.

What is Wealthy

An educational website platform for anybody wanting to learn how to pick a niche market for aiming to earn money online, via a created domain name and website.


An educational website platform instructing you on the creation and building of a website, mostly via WordPress. So no coding involved and its’ super easy after a few trial and error attempts.


An excellent website platform educating it’s members on the strategies to gain traffic to their websites, usually via search engine optimisation also known as SEO in it’s abbreviation.


An educational website platform that actually practises what they teach, instructing it’s members on how money is made online.

How Can This Site Help You?

Firstly you must help yourself by following the training material present on this website, which in turn will give you valuable insights and skills and knowledge of how the online world of affiliate marketing works.

Then and only then can they actually help you, they are there as a community of online entrepreneurs not just a hidden entity that nobody sees or communicates with. The co – founders are actively engaged with their members, something pretty strange in this day and age.

There is a great sense of fairness and compassion to see and hear of other members success, that have completed their training up to certain levels.


You will learn a lot about yourself also…patience is your shield from throwing in the towel early into you training. Because it’s up to you how much you want to learn and follow through on the training, kind of similar to a distance learning course where you need a great desire for continuing the course of study usually because your on your own with nobody to communicate with except your tutor via email.


But not here in this community of well-wishers, there is a members chat group built into the platform and with well over 300,000 members world wide there’s always someone with more experience just a message away. You can private message members also if you have any issues or questions that need answering.

Overall very helpful.

Is Wealthy Affiliate Giving Value?

Let us say this first, there are people that cannot get to grips with sitting down and typing out content for a website, there’s people that don’t have the aptitude, patience and vision and desire for this kind of industry.


So they join with misconceptions of their own that as soon a they join there with be some sort of magical sparkle and hey presto…their making money within 1 to 3 days of joining wealthy affiliates.


What happens to them?

They leave and because they themselves couldn’t get out of their mental block, they then spread rumours and some times lies about wealthy affiliate being a scam.


And people just like them will be subdued into spreading the rumours and falsity as well. Just like in any business there’s those that do and those that don’t do. So yes wealthy in our option are giving great value for money and educational benefit.

A wise lady once said to her young nephew ” If you want to try to do something don’t worry about the people, just do it and find out for yourself “. 


We are in no way trying to twist your arm into joining wealthy affiliate, but we know the value that it can bring to someones life, especially someone with a lot of time on their hands such as a stay at home mother or father or someone disabled and has a restricted movement, or a retired person and many more.

The Benefits Of Joining Wealthy

  1. No hidden up-sells everything is out in the open.
  2. No sudden price spikes, rumour has it that they have not increased their membership fees for over 10 years.
  3. 24 hour support and technical support when you are having any issues with website plugins or anything to do with your website.
  4. You also have the privilege of direct access to message the CEO’s of the company two gentlemen by the name of Kyle & Carson.
  5. Weekly webinars that you can join, that offer fantastic tips and strategies from some of the experts in this field.
  6. The training is up to date with current Google rules and other than that.
  7. Everyday other experts with years of experience contribute via their own created training to the platform.
  8. They take care of the hosting of your domain and website, so its fully loaded with the necessary security and performance needs.
  9. An interactive environment where members become friends and helpers and ambassadors.
  10. They even offer a free starter membership so that you can test the waters for trustworthiness, no scam here at wealthy Yes it is limited but you still get access to 10 of their lessons to see whether its for you or not. Which in our option is very fair.
  11. Refer a person to wealthy affiliate’s platform and you can earn money each month from that referral which is really handy as your account fees could be paid for when you have 4 to 7 people join. Monthly payments though not weekly, to a pay pal account.

The Features Of Wealthy

Who Can Benefit From Wealthy

Anyone with a desire to learn this skill that can see you being able to work from anywhere in the world as long as there’s a secure internet connection and you have you PC or computer at hand.

Is Wealthy Affiliate Worth The Money?

Well this is an easy question.

Yes of course, definitely. You can pay monthly or pay for the whole year upfront. No pressure.

They even keep your account open if you were to miss a monthly payment, they’ll give you ample time to pay the fee. Can’t get fairer than that.

Is Wealthy A Scam?


Well…just have a look at how many genuine paying  members are there.





If that’s what’s meant by scam then no. No success comes after midnight. It takes some time to reap your fruits from your labouring away at your chosen field or niche online.


Anyone promising over night success is 10 out of 10 most likely going to be a scam and duping impatient people into believing success comes after midnight…actually which midnight?

365 nights in year…so which midnight will you be successful in?


You see it just doesn’t work like that, plants testify to the law of nature, it takes time and effort for something to grow. So don’t be in a rush to make money online at wealthy affiliates, you’ll just be disappointed.

The Positives vs Negatives

We’ll start with the negatives first.

  1. You only get paid for each personal referral that you introduce to wealthy affiliates website, nothing like network marketing where you earn a commission for people referred through you initial referral. So it’s kind of serve one get one. But you’ll receive a payment for that one referral each month.
  2. Monthly referral payments, it would be nice to receive a payment every week instead of monthly but its a minor
  3. Not a wide selection of website banners to use in promoting wealthy affiliates. There’s a couple but they could do with adding a few more.

That’s it for the negatives.

Now the positives of Wealthy Affiliate.

  1. Their online training education is numero uno in this industry.
  2. Their website platform is crisp and clear, easy to navigate.
  3. Secure, we all love security.
  4. They have a keyword tool that members take advantage of and use it to find great keywords for their websites or marketing campaigns. Very precise with great insights as to what is being searched in the internet on a monthly basis.
  5. Website health check indicators lets you know how your websites doing.
  6. Google indicator which informs you of whether you’ve been ranked in google and your content on your website has been indexed this is really handy to know.
  7. A small statistics section that lets you know when someone has clicked on your content or signed up to wealthy affiliate.
  8. A  24 – 7 – 365 support help centre on the platform. A great deal of work has gone it to creating this platform.
  9. Live chat room, chat with other members, make new friends or even find your soul partner.
  10. A really informative profile section, where you can really pour your heart out or remain silent.
  11. And we’re sure there’s some other positives that we may have missed but that’s what we recall to mind.

Should You Look Else Where?

Well they aren’t the only company out there so do your due diligence, especially if you’ve been on the side of success comes after midnight offers by fast talkers and slick looking websites or products.


In general wealthy affiliate fits the perfect bill for the right place at the right time with the right people.

Overall we’d highly recommend them.

There’s a link below to view wealthy affiliate and sign up if you’re happy with our review. And if you found this information useful let us know in the comments section.

Sign Up To Wealthy Affiliate Here

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