A Simple Way For You To Make Money Online

The Internet world is a world full of multiple opportunities, a magnitude of digital information. It has become a magnet for freedom seekers who want to live life on their terms and their schedule, all doing this from the comfort of their homes or whilst travelling.

The Internet has the power of an earthquake to turn any persons income the right-side up.

A Simple Way

Simplicity at it finest, this method of earning money online is as simple as it gets. A truly easy way to make money online should you desire to do so. You can do this within your spare time and earn as much as time permits.

You Could Earn Some Extra Cash

Earn extra cash and save it towards something you’d like to buy or just do it as a top up to an income. Either way you can benefit from this process.

So what is it?

Its a system process called user testing, if your new to how to make money online then this basically means that you can become a website user testing applicant, testing out other up and coming company websites. Which can be very fun and interesting at the same time.

You’ll get to see an array of new and sometimes strange and usual products, plus innovative designs of products that you never knew existed or are being tested. It can really increase your knowledge and awareness of what’s on offer out there in the internet galaxy.

Web user testing is simple and practical for anyone that has a well spoken voice and who’s mother tongue is English or has fluent English language skills as their 2nd or 3rd language.

All You Need To Know

You’ll Get paid to test websites, its so easy they also have apps that require your feedback, so you could be user testing both, which is a lot fun whilst being paid to test websites and apps for companies or individuals.

Reviewing these doesn’t take up too much of your time either, so its a great add- on to your income and they’ll pay you weekly as far as we know.

So this company User Testing.com can be a nice means of side income from you. Have a look at their FAQ.

Frequently asked questions: Visit here.

Visit UserTesting.com – Helpful Articles

Be Patient, How Does It Work?

How does user testing work and mobile user testing?

You become a member of a user testing company and depending on their payment policy you’ll be paid via Pay Pal.

The amounts you’ll be paid vary from company to company, but in our experience UserTesting.com is the best of them.

So give UserTesting.com a go.

This is how it works plain and simple. You receive from $3.00 – $60 Dollars via Pay Pal for 20 minute video tests that you complete on their platform. UserTesting.com will pay you for your thoughts, which will be recorded via their software. You are giving verbal feedback via a headset with noise filtration, so as to have a clear recording of what your thoughts of the website or app that you tested might be.

And that’s just about it…simple.

You’ll receive a notification of how it went, so practice a little before you take a test.

Watch a 2 minute video showing you how simple and easy this is.

Watch video here

It Works If You Work

Can this replace a job income, well there’s a varied response from people but it definitely can put some extra money in your pocket.

In our opinion this headset will suffice you as a website user tester, it’s sturdy, strong and comfortable to use.


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